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Lerroy Jenkins w WoW…

Posted by mrcollector w dniu Luty 13, 2007



Leeroy card.jpg

Z Wikipedii:

Leeroy Jenkins, sometimes mis-spelled Leroy Jenkins and often elongated with numerous additional letters, is an Internet phenomenon named for a character created by World of Warcraft player Ben Schulz in Blizzard Entertainment‚s popular MMORPG. The character has become popular thanks to a video of the game that circulated around the Internet. The phenomenon has since spread well beyond the boundaries of the WoW community into other online games and media.

Leeroy Jenkins was mentioned as part of a clue on the November 16, 2005 episode of the game show Jeopardy! as part of their college week tournament. A presentation at the 2005 „Aesthetics of Play” conference at the University of Bergen described Leeroy as the „one icon of the WoW player, one movie from the game that most people have seen.”[1]

This Internet phenomenon started with the release of a video clip online to the World of Warcraft forums. The video was released by the World of Warcraft Alliance player guild PALS FOR LIFE on the Laughing Skull PvP realm.

The video clip is a machinima recording of the game World of Warcraft. The clip begins with ten players, including Leeroy the Paladin, planning a raid on part of a dragon-filled dungeon. The players are heard discussing tactics (Abduhl notes, „We have a 32.33, repeating, of course, percent chance of survival”, another remarks that it’s better than they usually do.) before they enter, however, Leeroy remains quiet. In real life, Ben Schulz was away from his keyboard and was not paying attention to the discussion. Just as the team begins discussing the final plan for its assault, Leeroy suddenly springs to life, shouting his battle cry of „Alright thumbs up, let’s do this! LEEEROY JENNNNNKINS!”. He then charges fearlessly (or perhaps idiotically) into battle, to the complete and utter incredulity of his teammates. Attempting to rescue their comrade, the team charges in and attempts to execute their plan but they are quickly overwhelmed. At the end, Leeroy is chided by his allies for leading them to their deaths, and he responds with the famous line „At least I got chicken.” Referring to his activity away from keyboard.



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